Drug Rehabilitation and Treatment for Couples


imgWhen one or both people in a relationship are into drug or alcohol abuse, these unhealthy habits will have serious consequences for the both of them (and the children, if any). A prime example is that a drug or alcohol dependent spouse can become incapable or unfit of fulfilling household and relational duties or even become functional at all. All of those could place burden and stress to the people who care, especially the children and other relatives.

Rehabs for You offers Couples Rehab services. Couples rehab is an alternative form of treatment where the goal is not only the recovery of the substance abuser, but both the people in the relationship. This is recommended for couples who need to seek rehabilitation and counseling in order to transition back into a fully-functioning relationship.

Studies have shown that rehabilitation has greater success when there is concrete and substantial support from the partner. Issues that strained the relationship can also be resolved through couples counseling and therapy.

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